Spousal Support And Alimony

Money can be a source of tension for many married couples. During a divorce, it is not unusual for couples to argue over financial issues such as spousal maintenance and alimony.

Make sure that your financial interests are protected during divorce or separation by working with an experienced family law attorney. At Braddock Law Firm, LLC, our lawyer has more than 15 years of experience and is a trial attorney as well as a family court mediator. He can protect your spousal support and alimony rights, regardless of whether you are the potential payer or payee.

Financial Support During And After The Divorce Process

Support can be available during the divorce process and after a divorce is finalized. Separation or pre-divorce support is called separate maintenance and support. Post-divorce support payments are referred to as alimony.

In South Carolina, alimony may be awarded as periodic, lump sum, rehabilitative or reimbursement. The type of alimony granted depends on several factors, which may include the length of the marriage, the division of property, the need of the party receiving support, the ability of the other party to pay, the earning capacity of each party, and fault in the breakup of the marriage. Typically, alimony is not awarded to a person who committed adultery.

Some types of alimony are modifiable while others are not. In addition to assisting you with the initial determination, we can advise and represent you in the modification or termination of alimony, whether you are seeking or contesting it.

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