Grandparent Visitation

Under specific circumstances, grandparents have legal standing to seek visitation rights with their grandchildren. In 2014, South Carolina amended the law governing grandparents’ rights, but these cases remain challenging.

At Braddock Law Firm, LLC, in Florence, we help grandparents analyze how the law applies against the facts in their particular case, and then pursue their rights for visitation when they qualify. While the law focuses again on the child(ren)’s best interests, grandparents’ rights cases are complex, so it is best to work with a knowledgeable lawyer. Our attorney has more than 15 years of experience and understands the challenges of grandparent visitation cases.

Maintain A Relationship With Your Grandchildren

Grandparents seeking to establish visitation rights to their grandchildren may do so in limited circumstances. In many cases, grandparents take this step because unmarried, separated or divorced parents refuse to let them see the children. In other cases, one or both parents of the children may be absent, deceased or unfit, and the grandparents seek visitation rights because of concern for the children’s well-being. To obtain visitation, grandparents must demonstrate to the judge that there is a substantial relationship with the grandchildren or that the parents are unfit.

Separately, in addition to specific grandparent visitation rights, there may be other legal statuses that will protect the child(ren) and maintain the relationship with the grandparent(s), such as psychological parent status or de facto custodian status. Bryan W. Braddock can discuss with you whether you can avail yourself of any of these separate statuses to increase your likelihood of success in obtaining access to your grandchild(ren).

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