Expanding your family through adoption is an exciting event, but there are legal matters you must address. To ensure that the adoption process goes smoothly, it is best to be represented by an experienced lawyer.

Braddock Law Firm, LLC, in Florence provides adoption representation to families in South Carolina seeking third-party, stepparent or relative adoptions. We can help your family through each part of the adoption process. You probably have many questions about adoption, and we are here to answer them. Working closely with your attorney throughout the process will help you feel comfortable as we move forward. Our attorney is a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer who will vigorously protect your interests.

Making Your Family Complete

Stepparent adoptions have become quite common. We can help your family with this type of adoption if a stepparent wishes to establish legal rights to his or her spouse’s children. Grandparent adoptions are also more and more common.

We also represent clients in private adoptions, newborn adoptions, adoptions of older children, agency adoptions and adult adoptions.

In every type of adoption, the biological parent(s)’ rights need to be terminated before the adoption can proceed, unless the parent is deceased, unknown or the person being adopted is an adult. We will draft a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights and help facilitate the biological parents signing these documents, when possible. When biological parents will not or cannot relinquish their parental rights, we can pursue an involuntary termination of their parental rights.

Learn How We Can Help Your Family

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